Sunday, November 18, 2012

The rudder is done

Ok, after about two weeks of working a bit here and there in between work, home chores and other things, the rudder is done; or at least for now. The portion over the water line has only one coat of primer as I intend to get the boat out of the water in a few weeks to have her deck and top sides painted and, it make no sense to mix just a bit of paint to do all of the about 4 Sq Ft now considering all the waste that entitles mixing two part epoxy paint.

In this picture you can see the original and compare the modifications I included on the new one.
I ended up putting 4 layers of epoxy barrier coat and 3 of bottom paint under the water line, that should last many years with only minor touch up on the bottom paint every season.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this project and come back to see the next one.  I have bought a chart plotter/GPS/Depth finder combo and have not decided yet on the installation; I might mount it on the bulkhead or build an arm that swings from the interior of the cabin outwards, we'll see......

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  1. I like this post you do some nice work ! Extending the leading edge should make her easy to helm and this will mean more speed and comfort. I am looking for a kick up Rudder at a used price. I will be back to look at more pages, Find me on sailnet Lou452 or Catalina-22 NSA e mail louistrost @ hot mail .com